a little excitement, and a pork chop

I almost invited some firemen over to share my dinner this evening.  I only set off the smoke detector once…. When I was transferring the pork chop to the oven and I was sloppy and everything got a little bit too smoky. It is the one complaint I have about olive oil. It smokes up very easily. I would prefer avocado oil, but so far I have lucked out in my small town and can’t find any. There’s still one specialty grocery store to try, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

However – I managed to open some windows and wave away the delicious haze that filled my tiny kitchen as I cooked dinner.

And really – it was worth it.


On the menu today was cinnamon basil pork chop, fried mushrooms, and roasted asparagus.

I heated olive oil and tossed fresh basil, minced garlic (just a tiny pinch), and 1/2 tsp cinnamon into it. Then I seared the pork chop on both sides, and on the edges, lightly basting it as it seared.  Then I popped it into a 350F oven and let it cook about 25 minutes.

Next I fried the mushrooms with black pepper and parsley. Once those were on their way I tossed the asparagus in olive oil, shook some Italian herbs and spice mix on them and added them to the oven. I let the mushrooms keep warm on low heat once they were fried enough for my taste, and then moved everything to my plate when the pork chop was done.

And oh but it was good!!!!