It’s “Fondue” eat!! (Pun intended)

My sister and I both have our birthdays in May, two weeks apart, and now that we live close to each other again we decided to get together and do it up right with a hot oil fondue followed up with a chocolate fondue for dessert.

Seriously, guys, nothing beats a hot oil fondue. I love the whole thing. The social aspect, where everyone can just stand around snacking and talking and cooking. The food: bite sized pieces of steak and chicken and different kinds of veggies dipped in batter and fried. Cheese cubes dipped in batter and fried and then coming out all hot and melty and delicious.
I’m serious, nothing compares.
My favourite vegetables to batter and fry are always the broccoli and the mushrooms. Sometimes the zucchini. They’re just so good!
By the time we got through the hot oil fondue we were all too stuffed to start on the dessert fondue right away, and it was already around eight at night so we moved the chocolate course to the next day. And it was also delightful.
Coming in at a close second to hot oil fondue is dipping fresh strawberries, pineapples and cherries in melted dark chocolate.
…I’m not really sure how much more detail you need for that…honestly.
It was amazing and delicious and completely swoon-worthy.
All in all the weekend was a perfect brithday celebration.