Shell Pasta and Sausage

I am still figuring out all the quirks of my new kitchen – and it’s blackest of black counter tops!  But I made this delicious pasta the other day, and wanted to share the joy.



This Culinary Curiosit

I had chicken and apple smoked sausage, some cilantro, peppers, and broccoli.
I got the shell pasta started in some boiling water with a dollop of oil and a pinch of salt, then began on the fixin’s.
First I sauteed the peppers 3 minutes, and then added the sausage.  Once it had a nice smoky smell and a good sear on it, I added a bit of water and the broccoli and steamed it all together until the broccoli was the brightest green.  You don’t want to cook the broccoli too long – it gets a little soggy.  It shouldn’t take longer than 6 minutes (unless you have frozen broccoli), and it’s best just to keep an eye on it!

Once it was bright and just before it started to get soft – I added the now cooked shell pasta and let the extra water cook off, stir-frying it just a bit.

This Culinary Curiosity

I found my favourite cheesy pasta sauce (or you can make your own marinara, and I have a good recipe for that! Stay posted), and added about a cup of the sauce and lightly tossed it all together.
I chopped up some fresh cilantro (you can use less, but I LOVE cilantro) and added it to the top of the whole steamy, sumptuous plate.  And then sat down to enjoy.
Hope you enjoy it too!
What would you add to it to make it your own?

This Culinary Curiosity