Home Baked Fries

I am visiting my sister and her family this week – we had an excellent Independence Day Weekend here in Texas!  Went to the ocean, ate picnic food, built a shed…  it was a total success.

Summer time is hot and heavy handed here in Texas, so we’ve been keeping our meals light and full of that summertime flair.  My nieces love french fries, especially if we have a lot of dipping sauce.  These fries are the perfect size for little hands!  (If you want longer fries, well, get bigger potatoes)

This Culinary Curiosity | Home Fries

This way of doing up fries also works really well with sweet potatoes (for anyone doing a stricter Whole30 than we are here in curiosity-land).
The nieces gobbled them up, and so did the adults! They taste great without any dipping sauce whatsoever, but I’m never averse to a little fry-sauce mixed up for myself!



This Culinary Curiosity | Fries

  • 1 potato per person
  • Olive oil
  • salt
  • seasoning  (seasoning salt, parsley, creole spice, cajun spice – what do you like?)
  1. Cut the potatoes in half along whichever side is longer to get the longest possible fries.  Slice into 1/4 inch bits, then stack and cut again in 1/4 inch (or smaller if you are feeling brave with that knife!)
  2. Toss the cut potatoes into a water bath and let them soak while you chop up the rest and let the oven preheat.  About 400-425 F, depending on how hot your oven gets.  (They crisp up a bit more if the oven is a touch hotter)
  3. Once all your potatoes are cut, turn them out into a colander and wash them off, dry out your bowl and put a couple tablespoons olive oil and start coating the fries.  If you are making a lot of fries, add more oil a teaspoon at a time until all the fries have a light coat.
  4. Arrange the fries on a cookie sheet (we cover ours in tin foil for easy clean up, since the potatoes are covered in olive oil you don’t need to spray it with cooking oil).  Sprinkle salt over them to taste. We used Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, which has a nice strong kick.
  5. Add whatever seasoning you like – the fries we did tonight had salt, seasoning salt (just a touch) and parsley. Add oh were they ever good!!
  6. Cook for 20 minutes and then turn them over a bit.  Cook for 5-10 more minutes.  If you want nice crispy looking fries, switch to the broiler for the last 3 minutes.
  7. Put hot fresh fries on you plate and enjoy!