A Hot Drink and Oatmeal

My fiance introduced me to a new kind of tea a while ago and I’ve been voraciously sipping away at it ever since.  It’s delicious, it’s easy, it’s cheap.  We love it.


This Culinary Curiosity | Canella

Canella – or cinnamon.  Take a couple cinnamon sticks and simmer them in water until the water turns golden (the darker it is, the stronger the flavour).  Then pour into a mug, add however much honey you like, and sip away.  I like just a touch of honey, the fiance likes a spoonful.
It’s delicious either way, and I’ve been having it for breakfast with oatmeal, as a midnight snack, and on colder afternoons.  Autumn is the perfect time to have found this drink.

This Culinary Curiosity | Oatmeal and Peaches