The Time I Went to D.C.

So, clearly we’ve been…uh…not here…for a few months. In our defence, it’s been a busy couple of months. Busier for Rachel than for me, granted, but I’ve done my fair share of running around too. There has been a copious amounts of driving back and forth to Edmonton for me and my husband during December. Oh so much driving. Driving is the worst. I think I’ll scream if I have to go on another road trip.

But in amongst all that time on the road, there was Christmas, which was lovely because I got to see family and have my family’s traditional Bubble Wreath for breakfast Christmas morning and a delicious turkey dinner the same night.

Also, before Christmas, I was in Washington, D.C., for Rachel’s wedding!! It was a


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beautfully sunny day, practically balmy to my little Canadian self, and Rachel was a beautiful bride. I was so excited to get to actually see my best buddy in person, and especially for such a special occasion too!

Now, Rachel’s busy focusing on school and work and house renovations and being married, so she’s…well, crazy busy. So you get to hear from me a lot more! YAY!
Of course, Rachel will update occasionally and regale us all with tales of woe about kitchen renos and so forth when she catches a minute or two.
So for this post I thought I would talk about the lovely day I spent wandering around The Smithsonian all by my lonesome, and the absolutely delightful dinner I had that night at Noodles on 11.

This Culinary Curiosity

Going to the Smithsonian has been on my bucket list for years and years. I love museums, and the idea of such a wealth of history and knowledge all in one place is irresistible to me. So, when I found out my hotel was only a twenty minute walk from the Smithsonian, OF COURSE I scheduled in a day of sightseeing! Also, there’s something incredibly freeing and meditative about wandering around museums all by yourself, surrounded by hundreds of strangers.

Obviously there was way more to see than one person could possibly see in one day, so I had to pick and choose.  I wandered around the Museum of Natural History for a couple of hours, and visited the butterfly pavilion.  Then I trotted over to the Museum of American History, where I really only wanted to hunt down one specific exhibit: Julia Child’s kitchen. I really started thinking about blogging after I watched Julie & Julia and when I learned that her kitchen actually was on display at the Smithsonian, I made it my mission to go visit.

This Culinary Curiosity

Sorry about the blurriness of the photo, the room is glassed in so I had to take the picture through thick plastic, and on my phone no less. But there it is! Her adorable, colourful kitchen that is a warm haven of delicious food and happiness. Just look at it! Look at that bright yellow table cloth! The sage green cabinets! The butcher block by the stove! The pans on the wall! I just love it all. It’s comfortable, and I when I have a home of my own again someday, I want a kitchen like this.  #lifegoals

This Culinary Curiosity

Next I went to the Air and Space Museum, because my husband is a airplane nerd and I needed to go there on his behalf. I ate some chocolate chip space ice cream, which has the weirdest texture by the way, but its really quite tasty. I walked myself through the entire history of flight and took a billion photos of airplanes that I don’t really understand but made me miss my husband a lot.
I chose to finish off my day at the National Gallery. In all honesty, it was mostly because of the exterior. I mean, look at it:

This Culinary Curiosity

I mean, you walk up these steps, through a set of heavy double doors, into one of the most gorgeous atriums I’ve ever seen. I tried to take a picture, I really did. But it was so massive


This Culinary Curiosity

and impressive that my phone just couldn’t do it justice. I left the art to the professionals. I spent three hours wandering aimlessly from room to room, soaking up art from every corner of the world. I popped in my headphones and put on my classical playlist and allowed myself to be swept away in a constant flow of visual and audio beauty.

 I would have stayed forever if it weren’t for the approaching closing time and the incessant rumbling of my stomach.   I stepped out into gathering twilight and started a quest for some supper.

For a while it was like I was reenacting a silent film about a starving vagabond that


This Culinary Curiosity

wanders the streets in the cold, going forlornly from the warm glow of one restaurant to another only to be turned away by expensive menus or happy hour. It was getting pretty pathetic. Finally, I happened upon Noodles on 11, a little Asian noodle house featuring dishes from China, Thailand and Vietnam. And I wandered into its warm and cozy glow and settled in for a fantastic dinner.

 I had done a lot of walking that day, guys, (16,000 steps according to my fitbit) so I decided I deserved to splurge a little bit. I got Goi Cuon —  fresh spring rolls, stuffed with shrimp, fresh veggies and vermicelli noodles — and fried gyoza as an appetiser and both of them were delicious. The spring rolls were fresh and light. They were also structurally sound, which is actually a big deal to me. The gyoza


This Culinary Curiosity

were flavourful and crispy and the dipping sauce was phenomenal! That alone would have been fantastic, but I topped the whole thing off with a spicy Green Curry that was wonderful. The chicken was tender, and the curry was rich and flavourful, even if it was a little spicier than I can usually handle. I have a very low heat threshold, though, so I’m sure this curry would be fantastic if you like heat.  This whole meal was deliciously filling, and I collapsed into a food coma the second I got back to my hotel room. The next time you’re in Washington D.C., I’d recommend you make your way over to Noodles on 11!


This Culinary Curiosity