How To Love Your Vegetables Again

Do you wash your fruits and veggies? I know some people don’t care about washing their fresh product, while others absolutely have to. I’m definitely in the latter camp. When I think about all the dirt, pollutants and pesticides that’s all over my food, I get all wigged out and I need to clean it.

The question is, how? I’ve heard of many different ways to clean fresh produce, like a quick rinse under water, or using white vinegar, which are perfectly fine — at least it’s something, right?

But did you know that farmers will spray their crops with a waxy coating to keep the pesticides from getting washed away in the rain? So, then you need to ask is: is a quick rinse going to do what rain couldn’t?


This is why Sunrider’s SunSmile Fruit and Veggie Rinse is one of my favourite products, and its an absolute staple in my house. As soon as I get home from grocery shopping, all of my fresh produce goes into a sink full of cool water and a squirt of Fruit and Vegetable Rinse. My fruits and veggies come out clean and sparkling and fresh!

Because the cleansing agent in Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, decyl polyglucose,  is derived from corn, it’s completely food grade, which means that its safe for your family, and for the environment. It’s effective enough to break down that waxy coating that’s keeping all the nasties on your food, but still gentle enough for even the most delicate field greens and herbs.

You know how broccoli has a blue-green colour? That isn’t the natural colour of broccoli. Fresh, uncooked broccoli should have a bright green colour. The blue-green colouring comes from the wax coating the head of broccoli. After two minutes in Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, my broccoli comes out bright green, and it tastes amazing. If you don’t like broccoli, it’s probably because all you can taste is the pesticides.

And it’s so easy to use! Just fill up your kitchen sink with cold water and add one inner capful of Fruit and Vegetable Rinse. Add your vegetables or fruit and let soak for 2-5 minutes, gently swish the produce in the water to ensure its covered. Take the produce out of the water and let it dry. Store your produce as normal.

Fruit and Vegetable rinse comes in two sizes, a 475 ml bottle and a 30 ml trial size.

To see this awesome product in action, check out the short demonstration video below:


I absolutely love my Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, and I can’t imagine going without it. For more information about Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, Sunrider and their 400 other amazing products, visit

If you have any questions, or if you’ve used Fruit and Vegetable Rinse and you want to rave about how awesome it is, comment below!