5 Fantastic Products for Healthy Skin


We all know that skin care is important, but we don’t all have the time or money for expensive spa treatments.

At least I don’t.

I also believe that not all skin care is created equal, and quality matters. And once you realise exactly what goes into most skin care products, or what exactly lanolin is (sheep sweat…no joke) you start getting a little picky about what you put on your face.

Which is why these five Sunrider products are a part of my daily regime. They, like all Sunrider products, are perfectly pH balanced, and made with herbal ingredients that work to nourish and cleanse your skin.

  1.  Kandesn Cleansing Cream. This is a wonderful makeup remover that goes above

    Blue Castles | Sunrider Cleansing Cream

    and beyond. It’s naturally mild and works to remove any oil-based surface impurities as well as make up. I love how clean my face feels when I can wipe off my make up with a kleenex after my cleaning cream has worked its magic!

  2. Oi-Lin Warm Facial Scrub.  This is my all-time favourite

    Blue Castles | Warm Facial Scrub

    face wash. It’s super concentrated with herbal extracts and jojoba beads that release nourishing oils into your skin as they dissolve, and helps your skin exfoliate naturally. Because it’s so concentrated, a little goes a long way so one tube will last for months!

  3. Deep Moisture Lotion. I cannot live without my DML! Its a gentle moisturiser that doesn’t leave

    Blue Castles | Deep Moisture Lotion

    your skin feeling greasy afterwards. It’s very lightweight and, once again, just a tiny bit is all you need.

  4. Fortune Delight. I’ve talked about Fortune Delight before, and I’ll probably talk about it

    Blue Castles | Fortune Delight

    many more times. Because its high in antioxidents, which help to cleanse the body, clear skin is just a happy side effect of drinking it! Since acne can be a result of a poor diet, cleansing toxins from your body will promote clearer skin.

  5. Beauty Pearl. This is a herbal concentrate in a pearl-sized pill for easy ingestion. All of Sunrider’s

    Blue Castles | Beauty Pearl

    products are designed based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, which states that the body naturally regenerates itself. Since healthy skin goes through a natural cycle of renewal, Beauty Pearl helps your skin maintenance by providing nourishment. It also balances female hormones, which assists in regulating menstrual cycles and reduce cramping.


If  you’re looking for a new skin care regime, this is the one for you! All five of these products are made with 100% natural ingredients that are safe for you and safe for the environment.

For more information about Sunrider and Kandesn skin care products, visit us here!