5 Spring Cleaning Ideas You’re Overlooking

It’s springtime! And as the weather begins to warm up, and everything becomes lush and green again after a long, cold winter, visions of mop buckets and dust cloths begin dancing in my head. I always feel a deep need to reorganise and reassess at this time of year. In fact, I’ve always been more inclined to look at Spring as my New Year instead of January 1st. I’ve never found anything particularly inspiring about starting new goals in the dead of winter, but when the flowers begin to bloom I feel the need to grow too.

I always want to roll up my sleeves and deep clean my house at this time of year, and this year I realised a few tasks that could go a long way to cleaning up for spring.

  1. Books and Movies. I am absolutely terrible at choosing books for myself. Just the worst judgement ever. Which means that I’ve got a good number of books on my shelves that I thought would be good and ended up hating. I’m never going to read those books again. Why are they taking up valuable space on my shelves that should be going to books I actually enjoy? Ask yourself honestly if you’re ever actually going to read those books. If not, pack them up and take them to your local second hand store. Someone may be looking for the very books you’re getting rid of. Same thing goes for movies.
  2. Purge Your Closet. Another second hand store trip! If you haven’t worn it in the past year, or even if you just plain hate it, get rid of it! If it’s shabby and full of holes, bin it. Either it’ll help make the question “What should I wear?” easier to answer, or it’ll give you a reason to go shopping. Although, if you’re trying to declutter, shopping isn’t really going to help, but hey, you do you.
  3. Purge Your Pantry. Yes, weird, I know. At least organise it, wash the shelves, check expiration dates. You could even take some non-perishables to the food bank, if you wanted to do a good deed. Sometimes just pulling everything out, cleaning the space and putting everything back tidily is incredibly therapeutic.
  4. Tidy Shoes. My closet is a complete disaster. The entire floor is littered with shoes. It’s a quick job to tidy them up but for some reason I always end up putting it off. When I do buckle down and do it though, it’s amazing how much better I feel when it’s done.
  5. Organise Your Computer. Who here has billions of photos and other files on their computer that they can’t navigate for the life of them? Just me? Yeah, okay, sure. If you do find yourself in the same situation as me, sit down and go through those old files. Decide what you need and what you can bin. Relabel folders to make it easier to find things. Clean up your desktop. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel once it’s done.

If you’ve been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug and want to give your house a thorough cleaning, add some of these ideas to your list!