SunBright SuperClean: The Hardest Working Household Cleaner Around

Is it weird to say I have a favourite cleaning solution? It feels a little weird.

Even so, I really do have a favourite. In fact this entire post is going to be a complete geek-out about cleaning supplies. I’ve never seen anything as effective as Sunrider’s Superclean household cleaner. I always love the way my house smells when I’ve cleaned it with Superclean! It always smells fresh and clean!

This wonderful product is non-toxic, eco-friendly and pH balanced, which means it’s safe for you, your family and the environment. The main ingredients are Tea Tree Oil, which is a strong, natural antiseptic, and Lemongrass Oil, which has a natural ability to repel insects. Along with being powerful cleansers, these oils also have light refreshing scents that are not overpowering, and are largely featured in aromatherapy.

Since Superclean is non-toxic, it’s safe for virtually every surface in your home, from your car to your windows to almost every kind of flooring, including carpet. It’s also highly concentrated, which means you only need a small amount mixed with water! Only 5 oz in a spray bottle full of water will last weeks and will be way more effective than other cleaners. That means that one bottle will last for a very, very long time, and makes Superclean a very cost effective solution!


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You’ve got to try out SunBright SuperClean for yourself! You can find all of Sunrider’s fantastic products here.