Top 5 Reasons to Become a Sunrider IBO

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking “Ugh, she’s going to try to sell me something.”

Well, you’re not totally wrong, but you’re not totally right either. Would I like you to consider what I’m offering? Sure! But the choice is yours. All I’m doing is supplying you with information. It’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

To begin with: network marketing, relationship marketing or multi-level marketing, whichever you prefer to call it, is a growth industry today. More and more people are starting to look for income options that allow them the freedom to pursue their ambitions and spend more time with their families doing what they love.

Anyone that tells you this is a “Get Rich Quick” scheme obviously hasn’t tried to do it as a job. It takes effort, and it takes putting yourself out there in a vulnerable way that you usually don’t experience in a regular job. It is possible to make money, however, and the effort you put into it will be reflected in what you get out of it.

Simply put, it’s telling people about something you like that has had an impact on your life. What do you do when you have a great meal at a restaurant? What about when you see a great movie? You tell a friend about it. Now imagine if you could receive a paycheck because your friend ate at that restaurant on your recommendation. Just because you talked about something you loved. And then your friend told someone else about that restaurant and now both of you get a paycheck! That’s what network marketing is. It doesn’t mean every person you talk to is going to be interested in what you’re talking about, but some will be, and those are the lives you get to change.

There are hundreds of companies that utilise a networking business plan. Such as Arbonne, Beachbody, Tupperware, Scentsy and Pampered Chef to name a few. I choose to work with Sunrider because they have been around for 35 years, their products are a brilliant combination of ancient Chinese Medicine and modern day technology, and they own the entire manufacturing process of their products from farming straight through to final packaging! That means that they can control the level of quality the entire way through the process to ensure that every product is the highest quality possible.

So, here are 5 reasons becoming an Independent Business Owner (or IBO) with Sunrider International might just be the change you were looking for:

  1. Be Your Own Boss! As an IBO, you have the freedom to set your own schedule. This is perfect for stay at home moms who need to work around the needs of their little ones. Just remember that your success is based on how much effort you put into your business, but if you can dedicate some time each week to building your business, you will see growth!
  2. Immediate 20% discount on Sunrider products! By signing up as an IBO, you can save money on your orders as soon as you’re signed up! With over 400 products, ranging from sports nutrition to skin care to household cleaning solutions, you can easily replace many of your everyday items with products that are 100% whole foods and safe for you, your family and the environment.
  3. Low Start Up Cost! You can start your own business with Sunrider with the purchase of either a Fortune Delight Starter Pack for $110.00 CAD, which includes 5 10 pack boxes of Peach Fortune Delight, a Company Profile, and Marketing Brochures to get you started on your brochure. Or, you can purchase the Sunfit Pack for $137.85 CAD, which gives you Sunrider’s top products for weight loss, such as SunTrim® Plus (50 capsules/bottle), Fortune Delight® Raspberry (10/3g packs), VitaShake® Strawberry (10/25 g Packs), and SunBar® Fruit (10/30 g bars). This pack give you an excellent introduction to the Sunrider products, and allows you try them out for yourself!
  4. Travel the World! Sunrider has conventions every year, where you can learn new skills to grow your business, learn about new products and meet other people doing the same thing you’re doing! Because of Sunrider, I’ve been able to go to California several times, Hawaii, and several cruises in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Baltic.  I’ve been able to see places that I never would have gone to otherwise!
  5. One on One MentoringYou’re not alone, trying to figure out this company, these products and how the heck you make network marketing work. You have the support of your sponsor who will guide you through any and all worries, questions and learning curves you may have, because if you succeed, your sponsor succeeds! You also have access to the online Sunrider University, which is a wealth of webinars, product information and courses to help you to succeed in your business.


If you decide that you’re interested in the products but network marketing isn’t for you, signing up as a member is free, and after spending $500 you can be advanced to a VIP member with a 10% discount!


So there you have it, five reasons to consider Sunrider as a business opportunity. If you have any questions, you can contact us here. For more information about Sunrider and it’s business plan and products, visit us here.