(Inter)National Best Friends Day

I can’t think of anything more perfect to celebrate at the beginning of the summer than the joy of having a best friend.  Summertime is the perfect time for it – just think! There are so many things you can do with a best friend in the summertime.

Since Renae is in Canada, and I am in Virginia, it seemed appropriate to elevate the celebration to international status, amiright?  Although it does make it a bit tricky to celebrate the day *together* as it were….

Still – I thought I’d share my 4 favourite summertime memories with the Bestest of Friendships that is ours, and what a list of memories I have to choose from!  Not surprisingly, most of our memories revolve around cooking, baking, eating, traveling, and planning to do all of those things together. But most importantly, throwing plans to the wind and just enjoying each other’s company.

So here goes!  Top 4 Summertime Best Friends Memories!

  1.  Eating.  Only the freshest of food of course, it is summertime after all!  But oh the meals we’ve made! The desserts we’ve baked! Or the places we’ve gone to have them make and bake for us!  My mouth drools at the memories of a million places we’ve gone for food over the summers we’ve spent visiting and eating together.Good Food Deserves to be Seduced

    One in particular is the summer I went to Kingston (Ontario) to visit Renae for a couple of weeks.  We taste tested at a gourmet olive oil and vinegar store.  We bought handmade butter tarts, cherry handpies, and big amazing cookies at the most wonderful bakeries (we even took a ferry and rode our bikes around to get to one of those bakeries – totally worth it).  And when we weren’t out sampling the delicious wares of the town, we were at home, trying out the BBQ Grill and having a smashing good time.  (Don’t mind me vocab – I’ve been watching oodles of the Great British Baking Show and it slips in a bit, mind).

  2. Lake Time. It doesn’t have to necessarily be swimming or boating. Or even a lake. Just… time spent together by the water’s edge. Or anything involving a large body of water.  Summertime and Lake Time are the best of friends themselves, so obviously spending time in the summer at a lake, beach, or ocean is going to be the best with friends.Lake Time
  3. Home Reno!  HAH! But seriously though.  Somehow we always manage to be doing something in this realm in the summer, right? And it’s always better with help! Especially if they like the same music and whip up the most scrumptiously refreshing lemonade in the middle of the afternoon.
    ToolsWe’ve painted kitchens, living rooms, cabinets, bedrooms, planted gardens and pots of herbs, cleaned like fiends, pieced quilts, and had a fabulous time doing so.

    And even though Renae isn’t exactly here with me this summer, she is certainly part of the design team, sounding board, and support system that is getting me through the massive overhaul.

  4. Exploring.  The world is a big wide place. And we haven’t seen all of it yet, but we intend to fix that. Slowly. One summer at a time.