About Us

Hi! We’re Renae and Rachel. We have been best friends for over ten years, and our friendship has been forged over a mutual love of books, food, and architecture magazines. We dream of travelling the world, renovating hundreds of homes and eating fresh fruits and vegetables that we grow ourselves.

We created Blue Castles to share our discoveries in the kitchen, and then we quickly realized that there were many topics we wanted to talk about that didn’t have anything to do with food or cooking, and so we broadened our horizons to talk about all the things it takes to be a Homemaker, such as budgeting, cleaning, and home renovations. Not to mention the things we need to do to keep us functioning at our peak so that we can keep being stellar homemakers.

Meet the Team:


RenaeI am a writer, a housewife and a self-employed business woman. When I’m not working on Blue Castles, I’m building my business as an IBO with Sunrider International. My spare time is taken up with reading as many novels as possible, and laughing at the pins Rachel sends me.

You can learn more about Sunrider and it’s products here




Rachel: I’m an everlasting student who is in love with learning. I sing and I think I can dance, and the best part is I get to wear awesome costumes with pockets from the 50s.  I spend most of my day thinking about food, and waiting for the next time I get to eat!  Whatever spare time I have is spent sending funny pins and recipes to Renae, and working with a humanitarian organization helping students in Africa gain an education – and to eat!

You can learn more about Canadian Humanitarian here