Renovation Survival 101: First Draft Budgeting

Like everything about the renovation my husband and I are doing, our budget has undergone multiple versions, revisions, reworkings, and surprises.

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Why The Blogging Life Chose Me

You would not believe the number of times I get the question: “So, what do you do?”

We all get this question. It’s an old, reliable conversation starter when you’re meeting new people and the conversation starts to lag. I usually get it right after I’ve finished explaining why my husband’s job keeps us away from home so often. Suddenly it occurs to people that I seem to have a lot of time to just up and follow my husband off to who-knows-where.

I’m lucky enough to have an opportunity to build my business and become self-employed, but as soon as I say “I’m in Network Marketing and Blogging”,  I see eyes glaze over. Or, I get a confused “Why?”

Well, I’ll tell you why.

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5 Reasons to Start Menu Planning

We all struggle with that eternal question: “What’s for dinner?”

Perhaps, like me, you’ve experienced that mind-numbing frustration of standing in front of your fridge with out a single inspired idea on what to cook for supper. So you turn to your spouse or child and ask them what they want to eat and get nothing but a disinterested “I dunno” back.

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