The Time I Went to D.C.

So, clearly we’ve been…uh…not here…for a few months. In our defence, it’s been a busy couple of months. Busier for Rachel than for me, granted, but I’ve done my fair share of running around too. There has been a copious amounts of driving back and forth to Edmonton for me and my husband during December. Oh so much driving. Driving is the worst. I think I’ll scream if I have to go on another road trip.

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Thai Shrimp and Cucumber Noodles

So, it’s confession time, folks. I have not been true to the Whole 30 Challenge that we’ve set before ourselves here in This Culinary Curiosity. I am truly ashamed.
However, I have a lot of good reasons. Starting with a wonderful family reunion packed with perogies and cabbage rolls and every good thing, and then a week visiting my sister and her family. We had plans to start Whole 30, but it did not happen. And there it is.

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